Starmer Is So Bad At This

Following news that Sue Gray (of Partygate Inquiry fame) is to become Keir Starmer’s chief of staff, the Labour Leader was asked when he had approached her about the role. During an interview with LBC’s Nick Ferrari Starmer refused to answer the question, instead insisting – unprompted – FIVE TIMES that “there is nothing improper” in the appointment.

Conservatives have understandably questioned the appointment and the timing of its arrangement given Gray’s involvement in the apparently independent investigation into Boris Johnson’s lockdown parties.

Both Starmer and Gray are rumoured to have links to the British Intelligence Services. Starmer has boasted about “strong relationships” with MI6 and Sue Gray took a “career break” from her time as a senior civil servant during the 80s to run a pub in an IRA stronghold during the troubles, before swiftly returning to her role in the civil service.

Whether her appointment as Starmer’s chief of staff is legit or not it looks dodgy given her recent duties. And whether he’s telling the truth or lying through his teeth I think anyone would be forgiven for think Starmer is hiding something in the video above. He’s just so thin-skinned and hot-headed. He’s so bad at this.