• Predictable And Contemptible
    Keir Starmer’s paranoid grab for absolute power continues. The NEC recently saw plans for changes to the Labour Party rule book that can charitably be described as factional insurances or cynically described as outright abuse of power. Further rule changes will be proposed “closer to Conference” which begins next weekend in Brighton. New constitutional amendments … Continue reading Predictable And Contemptible
  • 9/11
    Twenty years ago today 3,000 people perished in the attack on New York’s Twin Towers. Politicians responded by waging a vengeful “War On Terror” that killed at least twice that number of US military personnel and something like 500,000 civilians. They would have us believe this was a proportionate response. It obviously was not. We … Continue reading 9/11
  • The Mendacious Ascent Of Sir Keir Starmer — Part Zero
    On 13 December 2019 Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn announced he would be standing down following a disastrous election defeat. What followed was one of the most shamelessly dishonest political leadership campaigns ever seen. Keir Starmer, Corbyn’s continually disloyal  Shadow Brexit Secretary, easily got the required nominations from the PLP and the wider constituency membership, … Continue reading The Mendacious Ascent Of Sir Keir Starmer — Part Zero
  • LOL
    Musical Chairs enthusiast Andrew Neil is reportedly leaving GB News just months after he left the BBC to launch it. Neil has been absent from the channel he founded for a while now and it seems he has no immediate plans to return. Neil founded GB News – the sort of low budget rolling news … Continue reading LOL
  • Young Labour Screwed By Evans
    The following is an extraordinary tweet thread from Young Labour Chair Jess Barnard about the treatment of Young Labour by the party leadership and its presence at the upcoming party Conference. It is worth including in its entirety: This is a disappointing and difficult thread to post, so buckle up! A few months ago, myself … Continue reading Young Labour Screwed By Evans