• Labour’s Racist Poster
    Yesterday, the Labour Party Twitter account and several Labour MPs, staff, and supporters shared this poster. Obviously, during a time when both parties are once again dragging up the topic of “Pakistani Grooming Gangs” as a campaign issue, this poster is a massively racist dog whistle. It also happens to be factually incorrect. As has … Continue reading Labour’s Racist Poster
  • Happy 65th, Rik ❤️
    Today would have been Rik’s 65th Birthday. He was my comedy hero. One of the most talented actors of his age, hilariously funny, and by all accounts a lovely man. I don’t cry over “celebrity deaths” because I didn’t know them outside of their work, which often remains after they’ve gone. But when Rik died … Continue reading Happy 65th, Rik ❤️
  • Starmer Is So Bad At This
    Following news that Sue Gray (of Partygate Inquiry fame) is to become Keir Starmer’s chief of staff, the Labour Leader was asked when he had approached her about the role. During an interview with LBC’s Nick Ferrari Starmer refused to answer the question, instead insisting – unprompted – FIVE TIMES that “there is nothing improper” … Continue reading Starmer Is So Bad At This
  • Joe Lycett Does It Again
    A week ago comedian Joe Lycett issued an ultimatum to footballer David Beckham over the latter’s £10m deal with World Cup host Qatar to act as an ambassador for the tournament and make the state “look good”. He demanded that Beckham end his relationship with Qatar, in which case Lycett would donate £10k of his … Continue reading Joe Lycett Does It Again
  • Listen To Podcasting Is Praxis ☭
    If you’ve never heard the brilliant Podcasting Is Praxis then now is as good a time as any to fix that. PIP is a left-wing podcast that focuses on the absolute terminal normality of the United Kingdom and is hosted by David, Jamie, James, Alastair, and Rob (with occasionally recurring guests). This week’s episode opens … Continue reading Listen To Podcasting Is Praxis ☭
  • God Save The King lol
    Prince Charles is now King Charles III, because that’s how it works, peasant. If you don’t like it then why don’t you just move to North Korea where things are far less hysterical and obsequious? Scum, you are. Utter scum.
  • Queen’s Deid
  • A Manifesto Of Sorts
  • Join Me In The Woods
    I’m going to be watching and “live-tweeting” The Blair Witch Project this Monday evening from 9pm. It would be awesome to have a bunch of you watching along with me and discussing this ground-breaking film on Twitter. You can follow the discussion using the hashtag #BWPWatchAlong. Hope to see you there!
  • We Have Covid
    We dodged it for more than two years, but it’s finally caught up with us. My wife, our son, and I have covid. It’s bloody horrible. We’re obviously taking it easy and keeping ourselves to ourselves. Sorry I haven’t written on here for such a long time. I’ll fix that soon.
  • The Fourteenth Doctor Is Here
    Today the BBC announced that Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa is to take over the role of the Doctor when Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth incarnation regenerates in next year’s BBC Centenary Special. The 29-year-old actor is said to have impressed returning Showrunner Russel T Davies so much that he “stole the part. We had someone! And … Continue reading The Fourteenth Doctor Is Here
  • Starmer Joins Johnson Under Criminal Investigation
    I was going to write a whole thing about the Starmer Beergate thing but I’ve pretty much said all I have to say on Twitter so join me there: @gabundy 🙏 Feelin’ flush? CLICK HERE! Your donations help keep this website going. Cheers, x
  • On War
    The situation in Ukraine could very well turn into World War III. There are no Good Guys in this fight. Putin is an imperialist pushing his luck, Ukraine has literal neo-nazi battalions in its national guard. Liberal commentators say “NATO can’t just sit back while this is happening on its doorstep!” but it wouldn’t be … Continue reading On War
  • Back Soon
  • In case you hadn’t noticed…
  • In Brief: How To Fix MP Corruption
    There has been talk from the media today that the best was to clamp down on corruption and greed among parliamentarians is to triple MPs’ pay. Give them more money so they don’t need to seek out lucrative sidelines. I’ve got a better idea. Cap MPs’ salaries at 2× the UK median wage (the UK … Continue reading In Brief: How To Fix MP Corruption
  • War Christmas is almost upon us…
  • Five Accused Of Leaking Evidence Of Alleged Corruption, Bullying, And Racism By Factional Right Labour HQ Employees.
    According to LabourList: Labour is set to name and accuse five former party staffers – Seumas Milne, Karie Murphy, Georgie Robertson, Harry Hayball and Laura Murray – of leaking a controversial internal report, LabourList can exclusively reveal. In response to the move by the Labour Party, the five individuals are “considering bringing legal claims against the party over … Continue reading Five Accused Of Leaking Evidence Of Alleged Corruption, Bullying, And Racism By Factional Right Labour HQ Employees.
  • Alexei Sayle Speaks With Corbyn
    Former Labour leader and all-round nice man Jeremy Corbyn is the latest guest on Alexei Sayle’s brilliant podcast. The two sat down over a cup of coffee to talk about Corbyn’s time in office, the current state of the left in and out of the Labour party, and their hopes for the future. It’s a … Continue reading Alexei Sayle Speaks With Corbyn
  • Predictable And Contemptible
    Keir Starmer’s paranoid grab for absolute power continues. The NEC recently saw plans for changes to the Labour Party rule book that can charitably be described as factional insurances or cynically described as outright abuse of power. Further rule changes will be proposed “closer to Conference” which begins next weekend in Brighton. New constitutional amendments … Continue reading Predictable And Contemptible
  • 9/11
    Twenty years ago today 3,000 people perished in the attack on New York’s Twin Towers. Politicians responded by waging a vengeful “War On Terror” that killed at least twice that number of US military personnel and something like 500,000 civilians. They would have us believe this was a proportionate response. It obviously was not. We … Continue reading 9/11
  • The Mendacious Ascent Of Sir Keir Starmer — Part Zero
    On 13 December 2019 Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn announced he would be standing down following a disastrous election defeat. What followed was one of the most shamelessly dishonest political leadership campaigns ever seen. Keir Starmer, Corbyn’s continually disloyal  Shadow Brexit Secretary, easily got the required nominations from the PLP and the wider constituency membership, … Continue reading The Mendacious Ascent Of Sir Keir Starmer — Part Zero
  • LOL
    Musical Chairs enthusiast Andrew Neil is reportedly leaving GB News just months after he left the BBC to launch it. Neil has been absent from the channel he founded for a while now and it seems he has no immediate plans to return. Neil founded GB News – the sort of low budget rolling news … Continue reading LOL
  • Young Labour Screwed By Evans
    The following is an extraordinary tweet thread from Young Labour Chair Jess Barnard about the treatment of Young Labour by the party leadership and its presence at the upcoming party Conference. It is worth including in its entirety: This is a disappointing and difficult thread to post, so buckle up! A few months ago, myself … Continue reading Young Labour Screwed By Evans
  • OBITUARY – Geronimo
    ALPACA, Geronimo the (31/08/21) — Following a lengthy legal battle and despite recent stardom Geronimo the Alpaca was killed today by DEFRA representatives. It is not yet clear whether Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was present or involved in the slaying. Geronimo leaves behind beloved owners and millions of adoring fans. He was eight years … Continue reading OBITUARY – Geronimo
  • They Think It’s All Over
    Over 15,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan by the UK since the Taliban seized power two weeks ago, according to MOD sources. Some 1,300 others including British nationals and Afghan nationals who had been working with British forces have been left behind, their fates now uncertain. The news comes as the UK “brings its … Continue reading They Think It’s All Over
  • The World Transformed Is Back
    Between the 25th and 28th of September this year Brighton will be home to The World Transformed festival offering political education, talks, music and more from some of the brightest and best the left has to offer. Officially partnered for the first time with Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project and Labour’s last refuge of … Continue reading The World Transformed Is Back
  • Graham Wins Unite Top Job
    It has been confirmed that Sharon Graham is the new Unite General Secretary, after winning the election with 37.7% of the vote, beating fellow leftist Steve Turner by 5%. Many news outlets are carrying a line that claims Keir Starmer will be “pleased” with this outcome since Graham stated during the campaign that she’s more … Continue reading Graham Wins Unite Top Job
  • Never Wrong, Only Wronged
    What is it about being a Sensible Centrist that makes you utterly incapable of accepting you may have made a mistake? In microcosm this is evidenced in Stella Creasy’s bizarre and self-defeating Twitter campaign to prove either (depending on who she’s replying to) that she didn’t say what there is video footage of her saying, … Continue reading Never Wrong, Only Wronged