• Joe Lycett Does It Again
    A week ago comedian Joe Lycett issued an ultimatum to footballer David Beckham over the latter’s £10m deal with World Cup host Qatar to act as an ambassador for the tournament and make the state “look good”. He demanded that Beckham end his relationship with Qatar, in which case Lycett would donate £10k of his … Continue reading Joe Lycett Does It Again
  • Listen To Podcasting Is Praxis ☭
    If you’ve never heard the brilliant Podcasting Is Praxis then now is as good a time as any to fix that. PIP is a left-wing podcast that focuses on the absolute terminal normality of the United Kingdom and is hosted by David, Jamie, James, Alastair, and Rob (with occasionally recurring guests). This week’s episode opens … Continue reading Listen To Podcasting Is Praxis ☭
  • God Save The King lol
    Prince Charles is now King Charles III, because that’s how it works, peasant. If you don’t like it then why don’t you just move to North Korea where things are far less hysterical and obsequious? Scum, you are. Utter scum.
  • Queen’s Deid
  • A Manifesto Of Sorts