Labour’s Racist Poster

Yesterday, the Labour Party Twitter account and several Labour MPs, staff, and supporters shared this poster.

Obviously, during a time when both parties are once again dragging up the topic of “Pakistani Grooming Gangs” as a campaign issue, this poster is a massively racist dog whistle. It also happens to be factually incorrect.

As has now been added as a disclaimer below the Labour Party tweet, there is no Conservative Party policy that suggests the party believes what the poster claims, let alone Sunak personally.

But if you look closer at the claims of the poster (which is still up and being defended by members of the shadow cabinet on TV and radio this morning) something even more alarming and, frankly, hilarious emerges.

Labour’s claim on the poster appears to be based on data going back as far as 2010. Now, I’m loath to defend a Tory, but the fact is that Rishi Sunak wasn’t even an MP then, let alone Prime Minister, and he has never been responsible for sentencing arrangements for child abusers, or any other criminal.

But one man absolutely has been directly involved in writing the sentencing guidelines for these specific crimes. That man was Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer.

Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party and the man ultimately responsible for this poster, sat on the Sentencing Council and discussed the very issue of whether all people convicted of child sex offences should serve prison time. Check out the tweet above to read the Council’s opinions on the matter.

So, in yet another instance of the Rake Stepper General taking a handle to the face, it appears that the claim the Labour Party are trying to blow a racist dog whistle over is not only false, but in truth Labour’s own leader who had a direct hand in creating the problem the poster is complaining about.

It took a handful of left wing shitposters one morning to delve into this issue and discover the hypocrisy at the heart of yet another racist false claim from Labour. I wonder if any British journalist will bother to bring it up?

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