Five Accused Of Leaking Evidence Of Alleged Corruption, Bullying, And Racism By Factional Right Labour HQ Employees.

According to LabourList:

Labour is set to name and accuse five former party staffers – Seumas Milne, Karie Murphy, Georgie Robertson, Harry Hayball and Laura Murray – of leaking a controversial internal report, LabourList can exclusively reveal.

In response to the move by the Labour Party, the five individuals are “considering bringing legal claims against the party over its victimisation of them and for breach of their confidentiality”, according to well-placed sources.

Sources say the party is planning to name the five ex-staffers, who strenuously deny the claim that they leaked the Labour report last year, as part of its defence to legal action brought by individuals suing the party over the leak.

The report appears to contain evidence of widespread corruption, bullying, racism, ableism, factional underhandedness and the deliberate mishandling of anti-semitism complaints in order to embarrass and undermine the Corbyn Leadership.

Several of those cited in the report as members of a WhatsApp group in which participants described female Labour figures as “pube head”, called colleagues “smelly”, joked about informing the press when Diane Abbott was crying in a bathroom over a series of death threats she had received, fantasized about burning a mentally ill Labour member to death, and conspired to misuse Labour funds to further the chances of their factional allies behind the leadership’s back, are suing the party on the grounds that their comments were “taken out of context”.

The accusations against the five members of Corbyn’s inner circle appear to make up a part of the Labour Party’s defense. Only good can come of this since, due to the indefinite delay on the release of the Forde Enquiry findings into this leak, details of what the Leaked Report alleged have gone largely undiscussed in the media, for obvious reasons. The Starmer leadership appears to want this leak and its contents talked about again at length rather than just letting it go ignored as it has been for the best part of a year.

I left the Labour Party over the allegations in the leaked report, unable to justify supporting any longer a party whose HQ Staff appear to have deliberately thrown an election (or two) and weaponised anti-semitism complaints as a means of undermining the left wing leadership of the party. One described Labour’s unexpectedly impressive near-win result in the 2017 election as “literally the opposite of what we’ve been working towards”. As a now outsider I am thrilled to see the scandal is not going to go away and the Party is going to have to face questions over the report.

Full details from LabourList HERE.

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