Alexei Sayle Speaks With Corbyn

Former Labour leader and all-round nice man Jeremy Corbyn is the latest guest on Alexei Sayle’s brilliant podcast. The two sat down over a cup of coffee to talk about Corbyn’s time in office, the current state of the left in and out of the Labour party, and their hopes for the future.

It’s a fascinating and candid discussion of the events of the last half decade and well worth 90 minutes of your time. Alexei’s podcast is wonderful, and this episode is particularly so. Previous guests include Josie Long, Professor Tony Collins and Stewart Lee.

Particularly delicious is the very first episode where Alexei takes the Labour right to task for being deplorable careerist shits. It’s great.

The Alexei Sayle Podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts from. Click HERE to check it out.

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