Musical Chairs enthusiast Andrew Neil is reportedly leaving GB News just months after he left the BBC to launch it. Neil has been absent from the channel he founded for a while now and it seems he has no immediate plans to return.

Neil founded GB News – the sort of low budget rolling news station you see playing muted in the background of an early-2000s dystopian sci fi film – less than a year ago in the midst of a culture war that he thought he could be a leading figure in. His mistake was hiring people even more egregiously reactionary than he is, therefore finding himself outshone by the “talent”.

When you surround yourself with ridiculous egos with existing fanbases I suppose it’s inevitable that you’re not going to be the king of the castle you thought you would be. It’s hilarious and tragic and predictable. And it’s no less than Andrew Neil deserves. I sincerely hope he never disgraces our screens again. He can fuck off to his mansion in the South of France and never come back, as far as I’m concerned. It’s just a shame he doesn’t take his piss-arse little “news” channel with him when he goes.

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