Young Labour Screwed By Evans

The following is an extraordinary tweet thread from Young Labour Chair Jess Barnard about the treatment of Young Labour by the party leadership and its presence at the upcoming party Conference. It is worth including in its entirety:

This is a disappointing and difficult thread to post, so buckle up!

A few months ago, myself and @lara_eleanor met with David Evans once we were told the party would not be holding a young labour conference this year, despite it being a rulebook requirement.

We tried to negotiate, made the case for democratic engagement but were outright refused. I asked David Evans if he would inform young members that this was his call and if he would provide YL with more resources at national conference to make up for it.

He agreed to both.
Its worth noting here that during all this we have had nothing from Keir Starmer or the leaders office since being elected almost a year ago. No acknowledgement we exist, no reply to emails, nothing.

Months ago the entire YL committee submitted our proposals for young labour day at conference, well within the deadline given. Everything we do and all our speakers have to be approved by the party. I have been pushing for an update on this multiple times a week with no joy.

So we are now three weeks to conference with the party giving us no information, and just today they have said there is no capacity for due diligence checks until 20th september – these are the necessary checks for every speaker at conference potentially ruling out YL day.

The most concrete information I have been given is that anyone from Palestine Solidarity Campaign will be refused as a speaker, as will Jeremy Corbyn. Ive requested this in writing with reasoning. Appalled that PSC who have had a space at conference for years would be silenced.

Myself and a couple of committee members will now be working around the clock to pull together events with or without the help of the leadership. Young members have bought tickets, paid for travel and accommodation to be here and were promised a YL day by the national party.

Its been a difficult decision to post this, because I had hoped David genuinely wanted to work with us moving forward after our meeting – that offer still stands from our end and I hope he and those around him step up to deliver what was promised to young members.

I felt it was important to set the record straight that we as a committee are doing everything within our power and capacity to deliver for all young members and will make sure any young member who bought tickets will not be let down. In solidarity!

What’s clear is that, as with left wing CLPs and high profile left wing members or organisations, Young Labour is seen as a threat to the leadership of Keir Starmer and acting General Secretary David Evans. Therefore, by the logic of these unscrupulous bastards, they must be completely sidelined, their organisational ability crushed.

The sinister hypocrisy of banning speakers from the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign when just five years ago Keir Starmer was using Palestinian Solidarity as a means of building his career is revolting. Specifically banning Jeremy Corbyn as a speaker is hilarious. All this behaviour does is show how terrified the Labour Party leadership is of its progressive members.

Doubly galling is the fact that David Evans, the man responsible for most of the action taken against socialist members over the last year, is only General Secretary in an acting capacity. He has, I would argue, acted way beyond his mandate given that he has yet to have his appointment approved by members at Conference. He’s only General Secretary because he says so at this moment. I hope members reject his appointment in numbers.

Solidarity with Jess and Young Labour. That the leadership is going out of its way to cut off its younger base as a means of distancing itself from Corbyn can only lead to electoral disaster. But of course, Starmer isn’t there to win elections. He’s there to burn the left and hand the party back to rich donors and allegedly corrupt party staff. I can’t wait to watch with glee as the ratfuckers inevitably turn on Keith too.

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