They Think It’s All Over

Over 15,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan by the UK since the Taliban seized power two weeks ago, according to MOD sources. Some 1,300 others including British nationals and Afghan nationals who had been working with British forces have been left behind, their fates now uncertain.

The news comes as the UK “brings its campaign in Afghanistan to an end” after 20 years. Some might say this is a weak euphemism for “we lost the war on terror”. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told the Taliban that if they wanted “diplomatic recognition and aid funding” they would have to ensure safe passage out of Afghanistan for those who want to leave.

So what was actually achieved, apart from the US military leaving enough weapons, reconnaissance equipment and vehicles behind to keep the Taliban going for years? It’s a question that western governments will try, and fail, to answer in the coming weeks, months and years. As many have warned for two decades this outcome was inevitable.

But who cares, as long as that bloke and his dogs got home safely? Shame about his staff he promised not to leave without, then had to leave without. But… Well, it’s all over now, init? I’m sure they’ll be fine(!) Hey, did you see that fella who won a sports car in a raffle?!

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